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Kombinovaný agregát

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Combination of a sanding roller aggregate and a sanding pad aggregate in which 2 contact sanding tools are combined.

Usually it's combinations of a sanding roller but also the combination of two sanding rollers (VIET KRR) exists.

Combined sanding units are mainly used in the crafts sector. Frequently changing sanding tasks can be done with a compact machine, one doesn't have to get a big machine with many sanding tasks. It saves space and keeps the purchase costs low. Machines with only one combination unit are also called combination machine.


The combined aggregate is basically similar to the construction of the sanding pad aggregate. However, the first pulley is replaced by a sanding roller.


  • Low demand on space
  • Low consumption of energy and compressed air
  • Low demand for sucking off


  • Small roll diameter
  • Changing of the sanding belt with changing sanding tasks


kombiniertes Schleifwalze-Schleifwalze-Aggregat KRR
VIET, 2012