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In the late 1990s, HOLZ-HER introduced several new CNC machining centers on the market. The model EASY-MASTER was the basic model and only available in version 7015.


Here, for the first time, HOLZ-HER used a pod and rail table instead of the plain table with double-acting suction cups with a table size of 2.100 x 1.036 mm. As standards, the machine was equipped with 1 router head, 1 drilling unit with 9 vertical and 4 horizontal spindles as well as a groove saw in X.

Optionally available was a tool changer with 6 positions, an additional groove saw as well as another double drilling aggregate horizontal in Y. A completely new control, based on the Sinumerik-control, but this time using an Office-PC, was introduced. With the software TwinCAM 32, also a completely newly developed software was used, which offered extensive CAD-/CAM functions.

About 2003, the model series has been slightly revised:

  • The software became more extensive.
  • The option of an additional 4-fold tool changer was introduced.

HOLZ-HER expanded its model policy: The EASY-MASTER was now available in 2 basic configurations with different machine table lengths (X) as well as 2 basic configurations with different machine table widths (Y). These could be combined:

Basic versions X EASY-MASTER 210 (2.100 mm), EASY-MASTER 300 (3.000 mm)
Basic versions Y EASY-MASTER 7015 (1.041 mm), EASY-MASTER 7016 (1.101 mm)

In 2007, there was another revision of the model series:

  • New design
  • The Y-axis was again enlarged and there was only one basic version available: model 7018, which succeeded the previous models 7015 and 7016.
  • The length of the machine table was expanded as well:
EASY-MASTER 250 2.500 mm
EASY-MASTER 320 3.200 mm
  • The aggregates support has been completely redesigned: working spindle with tool holders HSK-F63, separate drilling block with 10 vertical and 4 horizontal drills, optional groove saw and another horizontal double drilling aggregate. Optionally, even a C-axis could be used.
  • Now, optionally availbale was a ride-along disc tool changer with 6, 12 or 18 positions.
  • Also, the control has been completely revised and an open, computer-based system was introduced, which therefore was very easy to extend. The program CAMPUS was now used as software.

The production of the EASY-MASTER was discontinued in 2010.


EASY-MASTER 7015 erste Ausführung
HOLZ-HER, 2003
neu entwick. Konsolentisch EASY-MASTER
Trittmatte und Schutzzaun (Holz-Her Easymaster)

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