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Series of CNC-machining centres without edgebanding aggregate.

In 1987, Homag introduced the first CNC-machining centre with edgebanding aggregate. Since then, all processing centers with this feature have the type designation "BAZ", while all the processing centers without edgebanding aggregates are named "BOF". These abbreviations stand for the German words for 'processing center' and 'router'.

Initially, stationary CNC machines were mostly called 'CNC router' because of their origins in the router technology, while the term 'processing center' that is used by Homag was mostly only used for machines with edgebanding aggregate. However, it soon became so popular in the language of the wood editors that today almost all stationary CNC machines are referred to as processing center.

For the first time, the boundaries between the types BAZ and BOF overlapped in 1995, when edgebanding aggregates that were interchangeable over an aggregate interface were introduced. With the introduction of the new generation of the 'easyEdge' aggregates in 2007, it was possible to retrofit most machines with C-axis with an edgebanding aggregate, for the first time. Therefore, Homag introduced series designations with only a "B", while the individual machines still have the names 'BAZ' and 'BOF'.

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HOMAG BOF 130 /40/16/1F/K
HOMAG, 2002
Homag BOF20
HOMAG, 1993
Homag BOF20
HOMAG, 2001
Homag BOF211
HOMAG, 2007
Portalbearbeitungszentrum BOF 612
HOMAG, 2010