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Technical feature/ equipment of optimization cut-off saws to conduct defect scanning and cutting on the workpieces. The result are high-quality workpieces and waste.

Marking and registration of defects

Manual marking via flourescent chalk

The marking of workpieces via chalk lines often is conducted directly before the trimming by one or two persons, but it is possible to realise the marking well before the trimming process, too. In this case, the workpieces have to be stored and are transfered to the machine later.

Movable measuring station with laser cutting marker

The raw worpiece lies within the infeed area of the optimization cross cut saw. The operator controls a laser marking device, mounted at the entry of the machine, which can be moved laterally to the workpiece. The marker has a special measuring system, whilst it moves the marking device along the workpiece and follows the laser line on the workpiece visually. For the view of the workpiece's bottom the marking station may use a mirror. After recognizing a defect, the operator marks the workpiece by setting measurement points without contact (key press). At the same time it is possible to set the quality level. After transfering the workpiece to the trimming station it is cut at the marked points.

Stationary measuring station

see: Touch-Free Marking System

Automatic scanning systems

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Kreidelesegerät an einer SALVADOR SUPERCUT 500
Lasermarkierung NC 800
NC 160, Markierstation
Detection Station (Bottene, OPTI 300)
DIMTER, 2005