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program pro optimalizaci přířezu
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The version 9 of the HOLZMA optimization software replaced the version 8.2 in the middle of 2012. The software is available as LITE, PRACTIVE and PROFESSIONAL type, too. The options differ in their range of functions.

Novelties of the version 9:

  • Up to three freely configurable charts per summary, which enables an easier and faster way to understand informations. Major functions can be chosen quickly by a new navigation toolbar.
  • Project data can be edited directly via the review screen. The software is equipped with new, improved filter functions.
  • Faster computing times are achieved by the use of multicore processors. Cut Rite now features a progress bar and a "keep the last result" option. With this function it is possible to cancel a process and show the last results.
  • Each user can create his or her own profile with password, paths and other functions.
  • For users with an area storage system the optimization software provides an extended board library with 50-character codes (former 25). The weight of boards, parts, offcuts and waste etc. can be calculated via the "material density" function.
  • New spreadsheet functions; XLS-/ XLSX-spreadsheeds can be imported easily
  • New true-colour toolbars and buttons; images can be stored in the parts and products libraries and later integrated in, for example, quotations.
  • new optional modul Schnitt Profi(t) Nesting; optimization for the Nesting in CNC-machining centres


Schnitt-Profi(t) Version 9
HOLZMA, 2012

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