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Machine for bonding of furniture carcasses


Firstly, the pre-glued pieces of the carcass are placed into the machine or - in case of a continuous plant - transported into the press by a belt conveyor. Secondly, the movable horizontal and vertical stops (see pressure components or press elements) are moved manually or electromotively towards the carcass where they are fixed. The required force of pressure to assemble bottom- and side parts is created by electromotiv-, pneumatic or hydraulic means.


Through-feed presses

  • Presses designed for the industrial manufacture. Large quantities may be produced with low setup times
  • Mostly part of complex carcass-assembly lines
  • Feeding and further transport realised by means of conveyors
  • Chained, with front-sided pre-assembly area, insertion aid and optional downstream carcass erecting device, installation sites, ...

Carcass presses for manual individual feeding

  • Presses with continous lamellas (fin presses)
  • no need to pre-set single press components because of the dimensions of the carcass
  • Pressure is applied equally on the whole surface of the carcass
  • Interlinked lamellas enable simultaneous horizontal and vertical pressing
  • Carcass presses with pressing beam or press shoes
  • Pressing beams have single press components that are movable in their position
  • Surface - carcass press
  • often used on continous presses (installation- and upper press surface apply their full force on the carcass)

Alternative denomination

  • Lamella press
  • joining press, joining press machine
  • Special form of the carcass press for commission-wise series processing especially in the area of wall, hanging and base cabinets in the kitchen furniture industry, office furniture industry
  • feeding/ processing takes place manually, partly or fully automatized partly also per robot technology, depending on the automatization degree
  • scissors-carcass press
  • The feed motion of the pressing beams is realised by a mechanism that's based on the movement of a scissors.

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