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CADmatic, Version 3.0 - electronic control of panel saws by manufacturer HOLZMA

The HOLZMA CADmatic is a control based upon an industry-PC which coordinates the graphical operation guidance and the machine cycles. The CADmatic can be integrated in common data networks. The series equipment in 2002 includes dust-proof integrated floppy disks and CD drives, a 17 inch monitor and a dust-proof pc-keyboard.

data input

The cutting data can be generated as single measurements as well as through a graphic entry of layouts. Additional programs, like CAD-Plan and cutting-profi (t), facilitate the automatic cutting plan preparation from given parts and panel lists directly on the machine controls. Via the option Online, optimized cutting plans can be imported from the optimized cutting profi(t).

orders overview

All orders will be displayed in the complete overview. With that, the operator can determinie the order of the execution of the cutting plans.

features of the CADmatic (stated 2002)

  • separaten input and main memory. With that the input or the reading of data whilst cutting is possible.
  • The saving capacities about to approx. 20 000 cutting plans
  • The processing of the cutting plan will be displayed simultaneously to the motion sequences in a cutting plan graphic on the display.
  • 5 languages as standard: German - English - French - Spanish - Italian
  • Further languages can be edited
  • password protection
  • disturbance diagnosis with online-help
  • crosscut-function with aurmoatic measuring the part lengths
  • cutting plan generator for symmetric division lengthwisely and transversely
  • working with fixed position
  • Insertion of zero-potential cuts (single-stage) for materials with tension.


CADmatic 3.0
HOLZMA, 2002
CADmatic 3.0
HOLZMA, 2002
Cadmatic 3 Sprachauswahl
HOLZMA, 1996

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