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program pro optimalizaci přířezu
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Program for the cut and cost optimization of panel-shaped workpieces. It is a starter version for small batch sizes, designed for crafts businesses.

Enhancement by additional functions

  • Up to 99 text fields are available - for example to add informations for marking and labeling or data response
  • Cut Rite now is open for the connection with superordinate systems. The new version enables the import of raw panel data, for example from the BARGSTEDT warehousing system or common enterprise resource planning systems.
  • To work with the optimization results, it is now possible to export them to Access-databases as well as in Excel- or in DXF-format.
  • Residues management and configuration of residues sizes
  • New: for marking of components and residues labels can be printed directly in the office
  • A new cutting plan editor enables the manual reworking of cutting plans after the optimization.

Characteristics 2010 (range)

  • Free configurable data import and export
  • Library for panels
  • Cutting pattern graphics and cut addresses
  • Detailed determination of material costs

Characteristics 1997 (range)

  • For either MS-DOS or Windows
  • Material cost optimization
  • Only straight cutting patterns
  • Simple or offset cutting patterns (patterned panel cutting)
  • Cutting patterns with headboards and recuts
  • Direction oriented cuts (grain)
  • Number of cuts per plan
  • Multiple output formats
  • Lists with up to 60 different formats of pieces can be optimized
  • Import function of part lists

Results of the optimization are shown on the screen or by printer output with following informations:

  • Representation of the cutting plan
  • Designation of different formats
  • Amount of wastage in %, m² and m³
  • Required starting formats

Transmission online is not possible; the cutting instructions are printed on the cutting plans.

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