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program pro optimalizaci přířezu
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Optimizing program for Windows operating systems, top version of HOLZMA; usable for the two-dimensional cutting of plate-shaped workpieces of beamsaws, including data generation for CNC controls as well as the saw's ERP/PPS connection via network or floppy disk.

Properties 2010, 2017 (selection)

  • Trim and cost optimization
  • Automatic calculating of cutting times
  • Straight cuts, patterned panel cutting, head cuts
  • Recuts unlimited configurable
  • Rotation of the output format
  • Consideration of the plate structure (grain)
  • Depositing any number of plate materials in the database
  • Input/optimization of up to 9999 part sizes, independent from quantity
  • Import of part lists from other software programs
  • Calculating material costs
  • 30 lines text available per workpiece, for example part identification, labelling or control of other machines
  • Stacking space limit for destacking systems
  • Cross-section optimization
  • Stripes production
  • Calculating separation cuts for large formats
  • Series and individual production
  • Results of cutted workpieces and used plates are displayed in overviews
  • Order of cutting plans; cutting plan graphics printable and exportable as thumbnail or detailed with zoom function
  • Job- or production-related optimization, results sorted by material
  • Function extension 2014: see Cut Rite

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