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CNC-machining centre with edgebanding aggregate, which was built from 1987 until 1993 by HOMAG. The machine was characterized by a separation of machine table and movable components. The X-axis was moved on 2 adjacent prism guides. For movements of the Y-axis, the entire cantilever moved. For its time, the design was comparatively stable and had low vibrations, however, it required an enormous amount of material and space.


The BAZ 10 did not yet have a tool changer. For using different tools, the aggregates support could be equipped with different aggregates. The choice was between

  • 1 milling aggregate with 4.8 kW and an integral collet chuck
  • 1 drilling block with 10 individually selectable vertical and 4 horizontal drilling spindles. The edgebanding aggregate was located directly on the cantilever, as a separate, firmly installed aggregate. Besides this, it was still necessary to install a separate trimming saw with its own C-axis as well as a flush or radius milling unit, also with its own C-axis. The model was equipped with a smooth working table and double-acting suction cups.

The working table was available in different sizes for

  • X 2.800 up to X 6.000 as well as
  • Y 800 up to Y 1.400 mm.

The size of the working table could be seen in the type designation - in the two digits following the term BAZ, e.g. HOMAG BAZ 10/50/14 - table size 5.000 x 1.400 mm.

Initially, it was not possible to produce joint edges on the machine in one work process. In the early 1990s, the accurate cutting of the edge material was improved, so that the option of 360° gluing was optionally offered under this name as additional equipment.

Výrobní lhůta :
ca 1988
ca 1992


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BAZ 10 Ausleger
HOMAG, 1992
BAZ 10 Aggregateträger
HOMAG, 1988

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