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Fully automated precision panel saw for enhanced industrial use. It differs from model series SVP 950 in the following items:

  • Linear guides (THK for saw carriage and sawing aggregate)
  • Automatic, pneumatic swivelling of the sawing aggregate, vertical to horizontal and the other way around
  • Pneumatic up jumping of the sawing aggregate
  • Pneumatic up jumping scoring saw aggregate with double saw blade and separate drive motor
  • Pneumatic inhibiting of the saw carriage for horizontal and vertical cut
  • Pneumatic lifting and lowering of the conveyor rollers
  • Sensor for detecting the lifted conveyor rollers with indicator light
  • Additional functions of SVP 980 A:
  • Automatic feed and defeatable return of the sawing beam and the saw carriage for vertical and horizontal cuts with continuously variable feedrates of 4 - 20 m/min
  • Automatic perpendicular movement of the sawing aggregate using a fast-slow key combination
  • Sensor for detecting the panel´s end
  • Programmable control (PLC)
  • Programmable positioning system for automatic positioning of the entered measures for horizontal cuts (10 programmes)

Standard equipment (model 2011)

  • TRK technical reference value integrated in the frame
  • Pneumatically driven automatic sliding slatted frame
  • Foldout middle support for small workpieces to the machine´s full length
  • Digital measure readout for both - vertical and horizontal cuts
  • Simple reference point positioning to the support and to the middle support
  • Optional accessories (model 2011)
  • ECO extraction device with pneumatic valve timing for perpendicular cutting channels
  • Moveable support for lathy workpieces
  • Angle cutting device (mitre cut)
  • Kit for processing of sandwich-alucobond with depth stop

  • further types:
  • SVP 980 AT


SVP 980A (Putsch Meniconi)
SVP 980 AT
SVP 980 AT

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