Cutting optimisation software

High-performance software package from SCM for optimizing panel cutting. Basic control is the Manager-user interface with the control software WinCut.

In comparison with the Cutty optimisation software Ottimo provides a higher number of program lines, workpieces and cutting types. Ottimo can be used for machines as well as for normal Windows PCs.

The extended version Ottimo Perfect Cut TOP is additionally equipped with a function for head cutting, a 3D simulator and a evaluation function for different material with dissimilar costs and a connection to integrated ERP systems.

Additional software

  • Easy Cut: for automatic import of production lists, for example from Excel
  • Easy Cut Plus: connection program, import of multiple worksheets, overview of processing cycles, edge processing, data export directly to Excel, ...


SCM, 2005
SCM, 2005
Komplette Schnittliste als Pläne
SCM, 2005
3D-Simulator der Ottimo TOP Version
SCM, 2005