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Universal CNC-machining centre, which was introduced on the market by SCM in 2002.

The machining was characterized by its larger traveling ways and the extensive configuration options, and should become one of the best sold CNC machining centers of SCM.

Equipment at launch

  • Matrix table or traverse table (model Record 132TVN) 4.010 mm (X) x 1.200 mm (Y)
  • Aggregates support with up to 4 mounting slots, one of which was meant for the working spindle. This was the Power 2000 milling aggregate with 7.5 kW. The other slots could be equipped with an additional milling aggregate with 6.6 kW, a drilling aggregate with 9, 18 or 26 spindles, a horizontal aggregate K2, a sawing aggregate traversable by 90 degrees or a C-axis.
  • Ride-along tool changers in X with 12 or 24 exchange positions were available.
  • Computerbased control, on which ran the Xilog Plus control software.


The options available were continuously expanded. So, since 2003, the TRM tool changer was available, which could expand the SCM Rapid 24 tool changer by additional 24 positions. In addition to the K2 aggregate the M2 aggregate was available, which had a C-axis and was much more powerful and robust than the K2 aggregate.

The number of available table versions was extended shortly after launch: (The dimensions refer to the grid table version):

  • by a shorter version with 3.050 x 1.200 mm as well as
  • two longer versions with 4.730 and 5.930 mm X-axis

Revisions within the model series

In 2005, in course of a change of model policy, it was renamed Record 132NT, but the introduction of an Action Line model did not happen.

The Modulo unit was introduced, which is a preconfigured aggregates support with additional router head with its own tool changer as well as a drilling block and a horizontal aggregate.

In 2006, the model Record 132NT Prisma was introduced, which had the Prisma 5-axes spindle.

Since 2006, the positioning automatic for suction cups TVN-Set was also available. In addition to the choice between different motor powers, there was the option to choose between different motor characteristics. Available were:

approx. 2002
approx. 2008


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Images and Videos

Record 132TVN
SCM, 2002
SCM, 2004
Record 132
SCM, 2002
Record 132 mit 2. Frässpindel/Werkzeugw.
K2-Aggregat Record 132
M2-Aggregat Record 132
Rapid Werkzeugwechsler Record 132
Modulo-Einheit Record 132 (SCM, ab 2006)
SCM, 2006

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