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Lift table

Essential part of automatic feeding devices of beamsaws. By means of roller tables or a forklift truck, huge packages of panels will be fed onto the lifting table of a beamsaw. Controlled by the programm, the table will lift the hole package of panels up until it reaches the predetermined position, which will allow the accurate amount of panels to be pushed of the lifting table by programmable stop and onto the saw to be cut to size.


  • Feeding with the lifting table from the front:
  • The panels will be fed fed into the machine from the location of the machine user, for example Econolift (HOLZMA), Flex S (Selco)
  • Feeding from the back or from the side with roller table:
  • The panels are fed onto the machine from the rear or from the side, by the means of a separate lifting table, for example Gabbiani Macchine
  • Integrated lifting table within the back loading table, for example Easy2Feed (HOLZMA)

In order to feed the machine with higher volume of panels (higher panel packages), lifting table constructions are also placed in holes.

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Images and Videos

Automatische Beladung einer Nestingzelle mit Etikettendruck
SCM, 2019
WNT 630 Hubtisch
SELCO, 2015
Hubtischbeschickung Galaxy 105 T
HEE Econolift, Frontbeschickung per Hubtisch
seitliche Rollenbahn (WNT 600)
SELCO, 2005
Hubtisch (LAWECO)
HOLZMA HCL 11 /X/43/22 0.S.
HOLZMA, 1997
HPL 11, Hubtisch
HOLZMA, 2000

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