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Viet Italia

Manufacturer of wide belt sanders and other sanding technology for wood processing, which have been taken over by BIESSE GROUP in 2011 and has been integrated in the company as a brand ever since. At the location of VIET, all other BIESSE wide belt sanders are being manufactured as well. They carry the "VIET" writing and the BIESSE logo.



Biesse S.p.A. takes over Viet


Under the direction of Ettore Vichi (homonymous with the company founder) Viet is in third generation, including new company building; large machinery park, including the full range of wood processing methods.


WoodTech Alliance 2009: joint sales project of the three renowned trademarks Giben International S.p.A. Masterwood s.p.a. and Viet Italia S.p.a; three independent companies with over 50 years of experience, which wanted to be better represented on the global market and offer their customers a full line of quality products with competitive conditions


Move into a new hall in Gradara, close to Pesaro.


Viet builds 500 machines a year. From which go 30% to Italy and 70% remain in the rest of Europe. The best European market is in France, followed by Spain.


Re-opening of a technology center near Pordenone


Machines will be delivered in modern, bright colours.

since 1953

continuously technological further development as well as steadily increasing specialization when calibrating and grinding; granting various patents.


Continuous technical development and constantly increasing specialization in calibrating and sanding; award of numerous patents

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banner since 2011
VIET, 2016
Logo ab ca. 1990
VIET, 2010
Logo vor ca. 1990


Narrow belt sanding machine
Denibbing sander for surfaces
Polishing and buffing machine

Controls (6)

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Aggregates (5)

Edge sanding aggregate
Disc brush unit
Combination unit
Sanding roller aggregate