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UNIMAT is a series designation for moulders from the German manufacturer Weinig. Classical spindle tools (planer and profile cutter heads) are used.

  • Machines of this type have been built since the early 1970s.
  • In about 1973, the cardanic drive replaced the chain feed. Until 1978, it was offered as an option, then the cardanic drive was standard.
  • UNIMATs exist in nearly all performance categories with very flexible machine concepts for planing, moulding and sawing.
  • Depending on the model:
  • Max. feed rate up to 36 m/min
  • Max. spindle speeds up to 8.000 rpm
  • Since the UNIMAT 500, the user interfaces Memory System or the machine control PowerCom are used.
  • In some cases, individual spindles are equipped with hydro-counter bearings (see Hydromat series), usually with working widths wider than 230 mm.
  • The Powermat series, at the beginning of the 2000s, is considered as a further development.
  • The machine frames of the Unimat and Hydromat are identical; a significant difference between these series is, however, the entire feed device.

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WEINIG, 2007
Unimat Serie
WEINIG, 2000
WEINIG, 2017

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