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The multifunction bridge WMS 150 is used for CNC-controlled manufacturing in the field of house construction. It is suitable for processing wall, roof and ceiling elements. In addition to securing and processing planking, other applications are possible, such as precutting panels, solid wood processing, screwing and gluing.

The planking panels are positioned and then the multifunction bridge moves over the panels and processes the planks with the aggregates on the bridge.

  • 12-slot tool changer
  • up to 6 unit carriers
  • simultaneous processing with two identical Units
  • 18,5 kW tool spindle and optional FLEX25 sawing unit up to 200 mm cutting depth
  • possible processing types: drilling, sawing, trimming, marking, labeling, PU gluing, screwing, stapling and nailing

Lattec Option

for placing battens and casing boards automatically on a beam or rafter tier and fix them at the same time

Dimension battens: 24 x 48 mm to 60 x 150 mm

Multifunction bridge for nesting

For the multifunction bridge WMS 120 und WMS 150 is also the version of a multifunction bridge for nesting available. Processing of timber frame constructions and nesting takes place in one machine.

The panel to be machined is placed on the protection board on the processing table. The multifunction bridge cuts the panel in a automated process based on the data specification transmitted by the nesting software to the machine.

approx. 2004
approx. 2011
Succession modelWEINMANN WALLTEQ M 380


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