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Weinig Grecon GmbH & Co. KG

GreCon is a manufacturer of finger jointing lines within the Weinig Group. The company is based in Alfeld/Hannover.



WEINIG acquires 100% of the shares of GRECON.


The Grecon Dimter Holzoptimierung Nord GmbH & Co. KG/ Alfeld is renamed Weinig Grecon GmbH & Co. KG.


GreCon Dimter Holzoptimierung Nord GmbH & Co. KG ('GreCon Dimter wood optimizing North GmbH & Co. KG') takes over the business operations of the NKT GmbH, Eppingen


April: Cooperation with Sicko GmbH&Co KG, Zaisenhausen in order to extend the product range in the area of automation before and after a finger jointing line: Sicko exclusively delivers packagings and stacking automates for finger jointing lines to GreCon. In return, GreCon assumes responsibility for the worldwide sale of these products. Through this cooperation, the present GreCon-solution for the loading of flat finger jointing lines by centrifuge shall be added.


Acquisition of the remaining shares of the GreCon Dimter GmbH, GreCon Dimter Inc., USA, GreCon Dimter France

Until about 2001

... Machines that were produced in this period carry the words "GreCon Dimter Holzoptimierung - Ein Unternehmen der Weinig-Gruppe." (English: "GreCon Dimter wood optimization - A company of the Weinig Group.") (see also the Logo). After 2001, the companies only use their own names (see figure with the marking "GreCon").


Division of products within the Weinig group:

  • Finger jointing lines are produced by GreCon and
  • Optimizing cross-cut systems and presses only by Dimter.
  • The series designations remain partially (for example Dimter Profijoint Ultra is now GreCon Ultra)

Weinig takes over 60 % of Fagus-GreCon Greten (manufacturer of, for example, Optimizing cut-off saws and finger jointing lines) and establishes a joint venture with Dimter/Illertissen and the subsidiaries GreCon Dimter Inc., USA and GreCon Dimter France

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Logo (GreCon, Weinig Gruppe)
Logo (GreCon Dimter)
Kennzeichnung HS180 (GreCon 2010)

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