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Chain changer

Term for certain types of tool changers on CNC routers and CNC machining centers, in which the tools are located on a rotating transporting chain. The chain runs mostly linear, similar to a conveyor belt, and is turned around at two turning points with a relatively small radius.

The advantage of this system lies within the greater tool capacity compared to disc tool changers and revolver tool changers, while at the same time using less space.

The disadvantage of this system is the higher costs particularly with smaller capacities.

Chain changers are often found as riding along changers or as additional stationary changers behind the machine. Because of their great tool capacities, they are preferably used for machines that are used for window and door construction.

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  • Chain tool changer


Kettenwechsler an einem CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum
BIESSE, 2006
Mitfahrender Kettenwechsler vertikal