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Lacquer sanding

Sanding after the first painting process with specially equipped wide belt sander and other intermediate sanders. Here, the wood fibers, which erected during the first painting process because of swelling, shall be sheared off.

Challenges in sanding already painted workpieces:

  • thin layer of paint must not sanded through
  • fibers, which are swollen and erected because of the water, shall be cleanly sheared off
  • some types of paint tend to smearing if the sanding belt speed is too high, because the friction of the sanding belt produces warmth
  • remedy e.g.: cold-light reflector
  • assimilation of the abrasive belt

Equipment features

Minimal equipment

  • Segmental pressure pad or air cushion pad:
  • ensures that, despite the wood-typical bumps, the same sanding pressure acts on each area of ​​the workpiece surface. Bumps, cut-outs and shapes are recorded before sanding by machines with segmental pressure pad, and thus sanded more carefully than by machines with air cushion pad aggregates.
  • Soft sanding pad insertion
  • Resilient/floating table instead of a segmental pressure pad (companies Boere, Sandingmaster, SCM, Viet etc., look technical term floating feed table)
  • Multi-level sanding belt speed
  • Multi-level feed speed
  • Rubber rollers for smooth through-feed
  • Vacuum table, if the workpiece is painted on both sides
  • Blow-off device for the sanding belt
  • Cleaning brush

Extension to the optimal equipment

  • Continuously variable sanding belt speed
  • Cross belts; utterly necessary for the intermediate sanding
  • Diagonal sanding aggregate (company Kündig)
  • Optical-electronic tracing of the workpiece surface
  • Continuously variable feed speed
  • More powerful feed motor (1.5 kW) when using a vacuum table

Some manufacturers also offer lacquer sanding machines with contact rollers. The used rubber contact rollers are very soft and large in diameter. Differences in the workpiece thickness are compensated by a segmented machine table.


Alternative terms

  • Lacquer sanding
  • Lacquer sanding machine


Lack- und Furnierschliff, Konfiguration 1
Lack- und Furnierschliff, Konfiguration 2
Lackschliffmaschinen 810 und 850
ERNST, 2007
SANDYA 900 Aggregatekonfiguration RRT
SCM, 2015