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Glue pot

The Glue pot is one of the oldest systems of glue application at edgebanders. For many manufacturers it is the standard glue system.

Melt adhesive granules are placed in a heated metal pot, which can be closed by a lid. This pot melts the granulate into liquid glue, which comes via a conveyor to the glue roller, which applies the adhesive to the edge and the edge band respectively. A continuous mixing prevents a adherence at the seam of the glue pot. Therefore some manufacturers are equipping their glue pot with a stirring staff.


  • few moving parts
  • low price


  • Open glue system, id est the adhesive is melted under air. By incorrect temperature or a too long stay in the glue pot, the adhesive loses its joining and color properties or brings an adherence at the seam of the glue pot. A burning of the adhesive in the pot makes the change of the glue pot necessary.
  • Long heating time up to 15 minutes, energy-intensive
  • The processing of PUR glue is limited.
  • Glue color change time-consuming, because the whole glue pot including Glue roller needs to be cleaned. The rest of the glue must be disposed during the glue color change.

Usable adhesive

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