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Glue system

Aggregate on edgebanders for applying adhesive. Depending on the properties of the adhesive there are two different systems.

Melt glue

The Eva Glue and PUR Glue be processed as hot melt adhesives, i.e. the adhesive is stored in solid form and melted before the application onto the workpiece. These adhesives are offered in pellet form or as cartridges.

Other adhesives

The PVAC wood glue is stored as a liquid emulsion and processed in cold glue activation method. PVAC-bonded joints are more heat resistant and more moisture non-sensitive than hotmelt glue. But because of plastics can not be glued with PVAC, EVA and PUR glue became more accepted than cold glues.

Glue application

At straight edges (edge ​​angle of 90 ° to the workpiece surface) is the adhesive applied to the workpiece edge, at softforming edges, the adhesive is applied to the edging material.

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