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Glue system granulate

These are all glue application units on edgebanders which work with glue granules. The ganulated adhesives are melted and applied in liquified form onto the edge of the workpiece and to the lipping (edgebander for shaped workpieces) respectively.

For the melting of the glue and the glue application there are different variations:

Glue pot

  • The glue granulate is heated in a heated metal pot.
  • Suitable adhesives:
  • Melt adhesive granules (EVA glue)
  • PUR granulate limited

Ultra-granupress glue unit

  • The glue granulate is pressed in cartridge form with some heating. From the cartridge is only a small part melted and applied to the workpiece edge by a glue nozzle.
  • Suitable adhesives:
  • Melt adhesive granules
  • PU granulate


  • The glue granulate from a storage tank is made liquid in the premelt pot by a little bit heat addition and drops into a small glue pot. Over a glue roller it is applied to the workpiece edge.
  • Usable adhesive
  • Melt adhesive granules
  • PU pellets, partially impaired

Changeable glue tank

  • The construction is similar to a normal glue pot, but the complete Glue application unit can be changed very easy. A Color change or cleaning is much more comfortable.
  • Usable adhesive
  • Melt adhesive granules
  • PU pellets, limited


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