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Glue roller

With edgebanders there are currently two systems running for the application of adhesives: glue roller and glue nozzle.

Whilst applying adhesives with the glue roller the liquified glue is being applied on the workpiece edge (workpiece with straight edges) or on the edge material to glue (Softforming edges).The adhesive comes out of the glue pot and the pre-melt tank respectively into an intermediate container on which the glue roller directly connects. The glue nozzle wipes off the glue and transmit it to the workpiece.

synchronized and reversed direction

Standardly glue rollers turn to the material approach stroke during the up-cut milling. To optimally apply the glue on heavily porous workpiece edges as well on some edgebanders one can turn the glue roller in reversed direction.


The application of adhesives through a glue roller is the most used procedure during the edge banding, as well as for the EVA-hot-melt adhesive as also for the formerly widespread PVAC-glue. One disadvantage of the glue roller is the openness of the systems towards the atmosphere which complicates the usage of the PUR-glue. Basically PUR-adhesives can be applied with a glue roller, but an extensive cleaning of the glue systems are necessary eventually, as PUR hardens insolubly in contact with humidity.


Glue roller in premelting system