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Glue system

Glue application system for hot melt granulate on edgebanding machines and edge processing lines, optional with quick-change gluing unit for EVA and PUR granules.

The following machines were equipped with this system (list incomplete)

  • Brandt KD80s and 90s (standard); For the lower KD series, Brandt used its own Quickmelt glue system.
  • Homag KAL 310, year 2006 (standard)

Technical Features

  • Finely adjustable glue application using a heated glue roller
  • Glue roller in either down-/up-cut
  • Small amount of glue melted
  • Short warm-up time
  • Quick color and glue change using the quick-change gluing unit with automatic dosing slider control
  • Infrared hotmelt activation
  • Melting 12-25 kg/h, alternatively up to 35 kg/h

Additional terms


Quickmelt QA34
HOMAG, 2003
Quickmelt QA34
BRANDT, 2000