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LED luminous tape

Term for a kind of positioning aid at CNC machining centres with pod and rail table.

LEDs attached to the sides of the traverses enable the operator to precisely position the suction cup.

The consoles are positioned by the LED luminous tape, which are integrated in the machine.

  • Advantages:
  • In contrast to positioning aids with LED display: It is not necessary for the operator to read and change measures. Instead, he can see lights glowing directly at the calculated position of the suction cup across the whole width / traverse.
  • In contrast to positioning aids with crosshairs laser: The machine's setup process can be conducted more quickly and independently from the machine's movement, because all positions of traverses and suction cups glow simultaneously.
  • Disadvantages:
  • In contrast to LED displays and crosshairs laser it is more expensive

Images and Videos

LED Leuchtbänder in X- und Y-Achse
WEEKE, 2017
Weeke BMG 411 mit automatischer Beschickung und LED-Positionierhilfe
WEEKE, 2014
WEEKE, 2005
Platzieren der Blocksauger
IMA, 2011
Positionierung der Sauger mittels LED-Leuchtband
HOMAG, 2008
VENTURE 22 / BAZ 211
HOMAG, 2006