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Short description

CNC-machining centre with a new design that HOLZ-HER introduced early in 2005 and which replaced the series ECO-MASTER and UNI-MASTER. The machining center was presented as a modular concept and could cover most needs - from upper entry-level model to light industrial machine - by variations of the machine table and the equipment.

At launch, the model PRO-MASTER 7123 was presented, which had a usable working range of 1.459 mm and was offered in 3 table lengths.

Already in the beginning of 2006, the model range was extended with the model 7223, which had a usable working range of Y = 1.604 mm. At the same time, with the designation XL (meaning "extra large" - similar to clothing sizes), a letter designation - in addition to the 4-digit code - was introduced for this model for the first time.

In 2008, the model range was again slightly revised and extended. The PRO-MASTER was available in the bacis versions PRO-MASTER S, PRO-MASTER XL and PRO-MASTER 5 XL. Again, for each model, different table lengths were available.

The next change occured in 2010 - on the technical side almost everything remained the same - but the design was changed: The outstanding feature was a transparent orange-colored plexiglass window on the aggregates support. The naming was again based on the old 4-digit codes for the working range of the Y-axis. There were the models:

  • PRO-MASTER 7018
  • PRO-MASTER 7123
  • PRO-MASTER 7223

Again, for each model, different table lengths were available.


At launch in 2005, the machine received a completely redesigned control, computer based. The user interface was the newly developed software CAMPUS. This was maintained ever since and only changed in some details. The core of this sofware package was the CAD/CAM software NC Hops.

The basic configuration of the machine had a working spindle with 6 kW and support for horizontal aggregates, a drilling unit with 18 vertical drilling spindles as well as one double drilling spindle each in X- and Y-direction.

Optionally available were:

  • another double drilling spindle in X
  • a milling aggregate with higher power (9 or 16 kW)
  • another milling aggregate
  • a horizontal milling aggregate
  • a groove saw with a diameter of 120 mm (fixed in X)
  • a sawing aggregate with a diameter of 200 mm, which was also suitable for formatting and tiltable by 90 degrees
  • a C-axis
  • different aggregates for tool changers

As tool changers, the changers that were already known from the previous version of the model series ECO-MASTER/UNI-MASTER were available - disc tool changers with 6, 12 or 18 tool exchange positions as well as the pickup tool changer.

The usable working range in Y was 1.459 mm, the offered table lengths were:

3.200 mm PRO-MASTER 320
4.100 mm PRO-MASTER 410
5.000 mm PRO-MASTER 500

All 3 table types were available again:

This changed in 2009. The series EASY-MASTER and PRO-MASTER were only offered as machines with pod and rail table, whereas the newly introduced series DYNESTIC exclusively consisted of machines with matrix table. As an option for the machines with pod and rail table, again, a digital display as help for the positioning of vacuum cups as well as the cross laser and the contour laser were available.

Model versions

In 2006, the model PRO-MASTER XL 7223 was introduced, with a usable working range in Y of 1.604 mm; table lengths similar to the basic model.

Similarly, in 2008, the model PRO-MASTER XL 7023 was introduced, with a usable working range in Y of 1.259 mm; table length 2.500 mm (Modell S 250) or 3.200 mm (Modell S 320).

Furthermore, the model PRO-MASTER 5 XL 7224 was introduced in 2008. It is a PRO-MASTER 7223 XL with a second aggregates support, containing a 5-axes spindle.

In 2008, an additional table length of 5.900 mm was available for the model PRO-MASTER XL.

With the introduction of the Vario-Table, HOLZ-HER, for the first time, offered an automatic positioning table. Because of the introduction of the Vario NC aggregate, all 3-axis machines that were properly prepared, could perform 5-axis machining operations - with some restrictions.

In 2010, the new machine design - with orange-colored plexiglass window - was introduced. The model EASY-MASTER was no longer built as well as the previous series PRO-MASTER S - instead, the new series PRO-MASTER 7018 was introduced as entry-level model - either with the previous aggregates support of the HOLZ-HER EASY-MASTER or the aggregates support of the PRO-MASTER S.

Images and Videos

HolzHer Promaster 5X 7125 im Produktionseinsatz
HOLZ-HER, 2014
HolzHer Promaster 5x 7125 mit Fensterspannern
HOLZ-HER, 2014
HOLZ-HER, 2006
HOLZ-HER, 2008
HOLZ-HER, 2005
HOLZ-HER, 2008
HOLZ-HER, 2008
HOLZ-HER, 2008
HOLZ-HER, 2008
Konsolentisch PRO-MASTER XL
Rastertisch PRO-MASTER
Aggregatetr.PRO-MASTER C-Achse/2.Frässp.
8-fach Werkzeugwechsler
16-fach Werkzeugwechsler

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