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Segmental pressure pad

CSD magnet pressure beam

A segmental pressure pad with electromagnetic mode of action, which assures uniform pressure of the sanding belt on the entire surface of the workpiece and into the edge areas despite the presence of tolerances.

Each segment is preceded by two, three or four tracing rollers which register the shape of the workpiece. If, because of the workpiece edge, only one roller of a sanding pad segment is lifted, the control applies less pressure to this segment as when all tracing rollers were lifted. The pressure of each segment can be programmed individually. Thus, for example, the right workpiece edge can be applied with an above-average pressure, because a slightly projecting solid wood lipping shall be flush sanded, while the sanding pad segments sanding the left edge are using less pressure, so that the veneer of the plate is not sanded through.

Thickness tolerances of up to 2 mm can be compensated.

Further developments of the CSD-segmental pressure pad took place under the name CSD MOTION CONTROL.

The CSD magnet pressure beam is installed in all transversal and longitudinal units by Heesemann.

The further development of the CSD-segment sanding pad takes place unter the name CSD MOTION CONTROL.


  • CSD PLUS with two segmental pressure pads in one sanding aggregate


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Segmental pressure pad