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Machine table

Generally described as the area of the workpiece support.

Machine table CNC-machining centre

The machine table is usually equipped with clamps for the secure fixing of the workpiece during processing as well as with stops for the precise positioning of the workpiece.

  • Types (distinguishing between workpiece clamping systems): ==
  • Plain table (usually in connection with suction cups or stencils)
  • Matrix table (usually made of aluminum or phenolic resin)
  • Traverse table or pod and rail table (usually with suction blocks)
  • Many manufacturers offer additional special solutions such as special tables with equipment suitable for nesting for extremely high vacuum suction or mechanical clamping systems for high cutting rates, e.g. for window construction.

Machine table for moulders

The machine table is designed as a stationary, multi-part table (only the infeed table height-adjustable, see also infeed table length), where the sliding transport of the workpieces is conducted. The wear resistant glide surface (infeed and runout table, as also tabletops) are mainly permutable and can be additionally equipped with table rollers, grooved table or as flotation table. With regard to the wear resistance, the entire machine table or even single table segments can be designed with higher surface quality (see surface of the machine table).


Rastertisch aus Aluminium
glatter Tisch mit Blocksaugern
Maschinentisch mit Durchlaufeinrichtung
Maschinentisch Hobel- und Kehlautomat