Double cut-off saw

Machine concept for the cutting to size of mainly panel workpieces, which has lost importance since the 1990s.

General construction

Double cut-off saws usually consist out of two main components, the machine body and the machine table. The machine body has one fixed and one removable (adjustable in the width) sawing aggregate. The sawing aggregate can be set out in a 90 degrees angle or inclinable. Quite often such machines were manufactured with scoring units. The panel is placed on the sliding table (two solid guides on each side) and pushed in the direction of the sawing units. Through this feeding motion the workpiece is formatted exactly and precisely on both sides.

Predecessing and successing technology

Since the chipboard industry decided to manufacture bigger sizes of standard formats this had an impact on the small companies who were manufacturing in an artisanal way. Their machine technology with - at that time mainly used circular saws with small sliding tables - could not cope with this development. The invention of the more flexible sliding table saw (Altendorf) was already passed, but still many smaller shops worked with the conventional circular saws. With the introduction of the double cut-off saws there was a significant boost in productivity and quality in the fiel of furniture manufacturing. This happend starting in the 1960s trough to the 1980s. On the one hand it enabled to two formatting cuts in one working process, on the other hand it enabled exactly parallel cuts and a high accuracy.

Because of its construction there are limited possibilities. This technology does not allowed trough-feed-processes and it is difficult to work with more than one panels on top of each other. Therefore the production of this machine concept stagnated in the middle of the 1980s. Beamsaws have a superior technology; they can process bigger panel sizes and the industrial organisation of manufacturing automated solutions for cutting and the integration of PC-controlled let to further user-friendliness and efficiency.

Today double cut-off saws are only utilized as special solutions. There are many used machines on the market and some manufacturers still produce them for special customer requests.

Alternative terms

Rückle: Precision double cut-off saw, sliding table saw, double-blade dimension saw


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