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Pusher cross cut saws of the manufacturer Paul with Paul´s typical 20° backwards inclinable workpiece supporting table that is used since the 1980s. Additional side-pressure devices are not necessary because of the plane inclined towards the length stop which avoids an additional positioning of workpieces.

  • Max. workpiece thickness of 140mm/ 250mm (optional)
  • Infeed lengths up to 12m
  • Cutting stations with pneumatic feed known from the field of under cross cut saws are installed (models 15AP, 17AP and 27AP), they differ in cutting dimensions (among others)
  • standard sensor for length capture by use of a pusher (On its way back the pusher overruns the following workpiece and thereby measures the total length of it.)
  • Options (selection):
  • Detection of chalk marking
  • Length sorting, destacking
  • Waste gate
  • Inkjet printer



PushCut 140
PAUL, 2002

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