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Tool interface

Term to describe the interface between machine and tool or tool holders.

A tool interface is necessary to make tool changes possible. Usually, this is done with the help of conical slots, into which not the actual tool but a holder is usually inserted, in which the tool is firmly clamped.

The whole system of tool interface and tool holder is also called tool clamping system.

Several different tool interfaces used in woodworking:

  • Morse taper MK2 (barely used today, since an automatic tool change is impossible)
  • Hollow shank taper HSK-F50
  • Steep-angle taper ISO30
  • Steep-angle taper ISO40
  • Morsekonus MK2 (today very rare, as no automatic tool change is any more possible)


Frässpindel mit Aufnahme für ISO 40 (SK40) Werkzeugschnittstelle
MAKA, 1995
ISO 40
ISO 30
ISO30 Standard und ISO30 ringverzahnt
Vergleich ISO30 und ISO40
Morsekonus MK2
Verschiedene Werkzeugschnittstellen