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Number of milling spindles

Describes the number of the fixedly mounted vertical milling spindles in CNC-machining centres. Not included are fixedly mounted lock case milling aggregates and other firmly installed horizontal moulding aggregates.

A rarely occuring case is the presence of several independent working spindles in one revolver tool changer. Since only one router head per changer can work on the workpiece, these are counted as a whole, as one router. The number of these spindles is counted as tool changing positions.


Hauptspindel mit Drehmomentstütze ohne C-Achse
SCM, 2008
Maschine mit 4 Frässpindeln
MAKA, 1983
5-axes working spindle
2 Frässpindeln mit jeweils 4-fach Revolverwechsler
HEIAN, 1988