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Special workpiece clamping system

Refers to systems on CNC-machining centres, which are not equipped with standard clamping systems like matrix table or pod and rail table with suction cups, and which are often necessary for clamping workpieces with extraordinary shapes, particularly large or particular small dimensions.

Often, special clamping systems are necessary if the workpiece either has a very small contact area, or the contact area is too small to hold the workpiece with conventional vacuum clamping systems.

Applications, where special clamping systems are often used

  • Window construction: Because window frames only have a small surface and cutting forces, at the same time, are very high, it is always necessary to use mechanical clamps in addition to vacuum clamps.
  • Stair construction: Because of special workpiece geometries, there is often no need to use special clamping systems, but special round suction cups with hard supports. Often, two steps are cut out of a rectangular plate. Therefore, one can find systems, where the suction cups are movable on the traverse to separate the two steps after they have been cut out in order to make enough room for further processing on all sides. Both manual and automatic systems exist for this purpose.
  • Chair construction: Because in chair construction almost all parts are relatively small or curved in all directions, so that there is no plane support surface, special clamping systems are necessary. Usually, these are templates, which follow the shape of the curved parts, or mechanical clamps for the narrow parts.
  • Construction of shop fittings and counters, car and yacht interior design: Here again, freely formed parts are frequently used, which cannot be held with conventional clamping systems, so that it is necessary to use special clamping systems.


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