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Chip conveyor

For CNC-machining centres: Conveyor belt, which is located in the machine case and which transports the fallen down chips that were not sucked out out of the machine.

For edgebanding machines: During workpiece processing arising swarf is sucked directly at the processing aggregates. Cuttings which are not collected by the suction device are falling through narrow openings in a suction channel down into the machine base. Very long machines which produce a lot of swarf, such as softforming machines, require suction systems with high suction capacities which consume a lot of energy. Chip conveyors instead of suction channels transport the cuttings to the central suction nozzle. This lowers the required suction capacity and thus, helps to save energy.

The use of chip conveyors is particularly efficiently organized if the residual pieces moved out of the machine are directly fed to a shredder (wood waste grinder). As a result, all chips can be taken by the exhaust, without manual intervention or additional transportation being necessary.


Spänetransportband in Betrieb
In einer Kantenanleimmaschine
HOMAG, 1997