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HOMAG B 20/30

In the 1990s, this was a term variously used by Homag for CNC machining centers of the Genius BAZ/BOF series.

The use of the "B" as designation for a series, without separating into BAZ or BOF coincided with the introduction of exchangeable edgebanding aggregates in the 1990s, for example, for the machining center B 30 (BAZ31, 32). Thus, for the first time, the limits between the models "BAZ" (with edgebanding aggregate) and "BOF" (without edgebanding aggregate) became fluent.

However, at the the same time, the machines of the series 'B20' and 'B30' were also still named according to their former Homag designations, e.g. on type labels and various instructions.

Here, BAZ stands for machines with edgebanding aggregates, BOF for machines without edgebanding aggregate.

The first digit of the following 2-digit number refers to the size of the machine bed, the second digit to the number of separate aggregates supports on the machine. For example: BAZ 32 or BOF 31.

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