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At the end of the 2000s newly developed series of CNC-machining centres of the high-performance class of Homag.

The outstanding features were:

  • Designed as gantry
  • New design with a moving section-housing and big blue plexiglass window, which stood out clearly from other series
  • First use of the 2009 newly developed material SorbTech for the entire machine bed
  • First use of the 2009 newly developed Save Scan System
  • Up to 3 independent construction sites, each with its own Z-axis (BMG 512)

As with other Homag machining centers of the high-performance class, basic machine types and combined type versions, each with different table sizes in X and Y, exist. Furthermore, different table versions and options are offered. This allows the assembly of a variety of different customized machine configurations:

Basic types:

  • BMG 511 (Basic model with Z-axis 600 mm for workpieces with a thickness of up to 300 mm)
  • BMG 512 (Newcomer in 2011 with double spindle technology for shorter processing times)
  • BMG 611 (Version with an extended Z-axis of 950 mm for workpiece thicknesses of up to 500 mm)

Type versions in table size X:

  • 33 (3.300 mm), 40 (4.000 mm), 60 (6.000 mm)

Type versions table size Y:

  • The maximum width of the workpiece when using the rear fences is respectively 225 mm wider than the table width.
  • 12 (1.325mm), 15 (1.675mm), 19 (2.025mm)

Available machine tables:

Options available:

  • DRIVE 5plus Spindle
  • DRIVE 5Cplus Spindle
  • sensoFlex scanning system
  • Various tool changing systems, some of which are combined with each other:
  • Disc tool changer traveling in Y, different capacities
  • Chain changer traveling in Y, different particularly high capacities
  • Disc tool changer traveling in X and Y with 10 exchange places
  • Separate change position for especially large tools, such as saw blades
  • Multi Processing Unit

Images and Videos

Homag BMG 512/60/15/F/A mit A-Tisch und movePart Ausstattung
HOMAG, 2014
Homag BMG 511 mit safeScan-System, ohne Bumper
HOMAG, 2010
Aggregateträger mit 3 separaten Z-Achsen
Homag BMG511 ohne Verkleidung
HOMAG, 2010
BMG 611
HOMAG, 2012
BMG 611 tool changer
HOMAG, 2012
BMG 511V mit powerEdge
HOMAG, 2014
Homag BMG511 mit Optionen SafeScan und Speed Pack
HOMAG, 2013

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