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HOMAG B 600/700

Series of CNC-machining centres of the high-performance class of Homag.

The series B 600/700 was introduced in 2007, during the unification of all model series, and includes the previous series BOF600, BOF700 and BAZ 700.

Common feature was the their design as a portal machine with 2 movable tables and fixed portal.

As with other processing centers of the Homag high-performance class, basic machine types as well as combined versions, each with different table sizes in X and Y, exist.

Of all the machining centers of the manufacturer HOMAG, the B 600/700 series offers the largest selection of available table sizes, configuration options and equipment options.

The series is available with many additional solutions for the automatic feed as well as for the fully automatic integration into complete production systems.

The models of the series BOF600 are cheaper than those of the 700 series and are only available in each two smaller table lengths and widths up to max. 2.100 x 3.700 mm per table.

In addition to a greater number of customized options, the 700 series offers the possibility to install aggregate supports with independent X-axes on both sides of the portal. A large number of combined table dimensions of up to 5.800 x 2.200 mm per table exist.

Common to all processing centers of the B 600/700 series is a maximum workpiece thickness of 300 mm.

Available machine tables

Available options

  • DRIVE 5plus spindle
  • sensoFlex tracing system
  • 2 Z-axes for each aggregates support (for a total of up to 8 Z-axes in the BOF714)
  • Various tool changing systems, some of which are combined:
  • Disc tool changer moving along the aggregates support, different capacities
  • Chain changer with very high capacities of up to zu 218 tool positions - a total of up to 432 tool change slots is possible
  • Edge magazine with up to 6 rolls for the BAZ models
  • Multi Processing Unit
  • Automatic loading and workpiece transportation facilities from vacuum lifting systems to robots
  • A variety of special solutions for clamping systems and aggregates

Types of B600/700 series

  • BOF 611 (1 aggregates support)
  • BOF 612 (2 aggregates supports)
  • BOF 711 (1 aggregates support, 1 X-axis)
  • BOF 712 (2 aggregates supports, 1 X-axis)
  • BOF 713 (3 aggregates supports, 1 X-axis)
  • BOF 714 (4 aggregates supports, 1 X-axis)
  • BOF 722 (2 aggregates supports, 2 X-axis)
  • BOF 723 (3 aggregates supports, 2 X-axis)
  • BAZ 722 (2 aggregates supports, 2 X-axis, edgebanding aggregate)
  • BAZ 723 (3 aggregates supports, 2 X-axis, edgebanding aggregate)


BOF611 mit automatischer Beschickung
BOF722 für den Treppenbau
Portalbearbeitungszentrum BOF 612
HOMAG, 2010
automatische Beschickung und Entladung
Option 6-fach Kantenmagazin
Option Kettenwechsler 218 Plätze

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