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Name for a series of CNC-machining centres, which are specifically equipped for the Nesting technology.

In 2007, the series Vantage was introduced as a new development, using the newly developed material S/C-Tech, by the Homag daughter Weeke. It were gantry machines, especially designed to fulfill the requirements of nesting.

HOMAG also introduced the brand name 'Vantage' for machines with equipment suitable for nesting in 2007. However, these were no new developments but special, pre-configured and thus, inexpensive and qualitatively high equipped model versions of the series B 200/ B 300, similar to the series Venture. The machines of the Homag Vantage series, in contrast to the machines of the Weeke series, are rather universally designed. This is also reflected in the advertising slogan "Nesting and More ". A small number of equipment options was available, such as an air cushion feature for easy loading and unloading.

Equipment features:

  • Aluminum grid table
  • Vacuum pump with production capacity 500 m³/h
  • C-axis
  • Interface for the Flex5 5-axis unit
  • Drilling unit with 17 vertical and 4 horizontal drills
  • Woodwop with additional software for Nesting and engravings
  • Features only at Vantage 12/14:
  • Disc tool changer 10x, traveling in X/Y
  • Features only at Vantage 13/15:
  • Interfaces for the edgebanding aggregates EasyEdge and PowerEdge
  • Interpolating C-axis
  • Disc tool changer 5x, traveling in X/Y (since about 2010: optional 10-fold)
  • Disc tool changer 18x, traveling in X
  • Table sizes:
  • Vantage 12L/13: 3.700 x 1.550 mm
  • Vantage 14L/15: 3.700 x 1.850 mm


Vantage 12L
HOMAG, 2009
Doppel-Werkzeugwechsler der Vantage 13/15

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