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Homag brand used for CNC-machining centres with pod and rail table and fix configuration at special prices since about 2003. These machines were merchandised from Weeke as well as from Homag under the name Venture. The parallel running series with matrix table is calledVantage.

The Weeke machines are based on the series BHC and the Homag machines on the series BOF and BAZ.

At the beginning it was all about Cantilevermachines. In the 1990s, also more economical moving gantry machines were to be found among the basic series, also corresponding Venture types.

Initially, the models still had the designation of the machining center of the BAZ/BOF series, on which they were based (e.g. BAZ 211 Venture 20).

Since 2007, the Venture machines were listed as an independent series under the category "entry-level machines".

The number of available types has been slightly reduced, instead, each Venture type was now available with three equipment options for the machine table: "Basic", "Future" and "Performance" were configured for different applications.

The table length could now also be selected more variably. For each Venture type 3 lengths were available. In the model designation this was shown by the letter 'M', 'L' and 'XXL'.

This restructuring was accomplished in around 2009, since then there are 9 versions for each Venture type available.


HOMAG, 2007