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Multirip saw

Machine type for edging, lengthwise cutting or long side grooving of planks, boards and panel material that is equipped with several saw blades or grooving tools mounted side by side on a sawing spindle. These machines are mainly used by the wood processing industry for example for the cut of window and door planks, parquet lamellas, battens and planed timber. Further applications can be found in the field of soft material such as insulating boards or in the field of hard panel material such as fibre cement or GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic).

Basic construction (according to Höchsmann's definition)

  • Mechanic workpiece feed by use of a continuously circumferential platform-chain (see chain feed)
  • Sawing spindle that is able to cut through the workpiece supporting surface with a relatively small saw blade projection, the feeding chain in this area is lowered. Usually the sawing spindle is located above.
  • Saw blades are mostly working in up-cut - rarely in down-cut - and dependent on the technical type they are applied to the sawing spindle or the changeable saw bushings as a fixed or moveable sawing unit. (adjustable saw blades)


  • Multiblade saws for cutting panel material can also be equipped with a roller feed and several sawing spindles at the bottom or sawing motors that are controlled by use of NC-axes, for example, PAUL, model range K34.
  • Paul's model K34 GB uses conveyor belts for the workpiece feed.
  • Some multiblade saws are also equipped with a plain machine table, a roller feed situated above and a sawing spindle from below.

Alternative titles

  • Multi rip saw

Terminological differentiation

  • Double edging saw
  • Sawing spindle situated below as well as mechanic workpiece feed by use of several driven feed rollers that are situated above and below
  • Preferentially used for processing roughly sawn, unedged plank material
  • Double spindle ripsaw
  • Machines equipped with a lowered additional second sawing spindle for bigger cutting heights; the cutting depth´s allocation to two saw blades causes smaller and therefore narrower that are (among others) resulting in smaller kerfs and a better exploitation of wood.

Equipment options

Alignment laser

With the help of the alignment laser it is possible to protect the cutting line of the left adjustable saw blade (option) onto the workpiece. That is a big advantage especially for edging cuts, because the workpiece can be aligned at the right stop and is moved up as close as possible to the timber edge (wood with bark). Because of this procedure it is possible to adjust the machine quickly to changing wood width. To conduct dividing cuts, more than one alignment laser are used. Due to the projection of each blade's cutting line the board can be brought to the right infeed position, depending on its width and quality attributes.

Adjustable saw blades

see adjustable saw blades

Images and Videos

Mehrblattkreissäge SCA 320 T
CML, 2004
Mehrblattkreissäge KR 310
S 1500
PAUL, 1995
OGAM, 1999
Laserrichtlicht, Mehrblattkreissäge
FSL 320
HOMAG, 2017

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