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5-axis spindle

5 axes spindle here means the working spindle of a CNC machining centre with 5 controlled axes.

Usually 3 linear axes (X,Y,Z) and 2 rotational axes (A-axis/seltener B and C-axis).

An important characteristic of such a spindle is the possibility to reach every point of the working range with any angle between tool and workpiece. A 5-axes-spindle usually has interpolating axes. This is, because routing is the most important application and routing in 5 axes is only possible with simultanuous movement of all axes.

There are special types of spindles with positioning rotational axes, where the drive of the C-axis also moves the A-axis (e.g.Flex5 and Vario NC. These are no real 5-axes spindles as only 4 axes can be moved at once.

Some machines have 5 controlled axes, but no real 5-axis-processing is possible. This may be the case, if there is more than one main spindle with C-axis or there is a tilting axis in conjunction with a C-axis.

See also: 4th/5th axis


5-Achs-Spindel SCM Prisma K, sehr kompakte Abmessungen
SCM, 2003
5-Achs-Spindel Drive 5CS einer VENTURE 115
HOMAG, 2017
5-Achs-Spindel, Gabelkopf für robuste Zerspanung
5-axes spindle, single-sided mounting and inclined A/B axis for flexibility
BIESSE, 2010
Gängige Anordnung der Drehachsen
PADE, 2006
Seltene 5-Achs-Anordnung: keine C-Achse, nur A-Achse und B-Achse
PADE, 2007