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Membrane press

In membrane presses, coating materials such as veneer, thermoplastic films or transfer finish foils are pressed to pre-glued, profiled surfaces or shaped parts.

Technical principle

Before processing in the press, the workpieces have to be prepared. This includes the application of an adhesive layer - e.g. by a spraying device or by rollers - with prior cleaning of the adhesive surface (e.g. with brushing machines). The adhesive is then dried and later in the press activated by heating. If self-adhesive films are used, the application of glue to the workpiece is deleted.

The prepared workpiece is further processed as follows:

  • Placing of the pieces on the machine table
  • The workpiece edge should be completely enclosed, so supports are necessary, which are slightly smaller than the pieces themselves. Supports are not needed when using a pin-System.
  • When an optimization software is available, table top and film can be used as best as possible.
  • Covering the table with the film and separation from the role or covering the workpieces with veneer.
  • The film is removed from the film magazine - either manually or with a film unrolling device - and after covering the table it is usually cut off by a foil cutting device.
  • Moving of the table into the press (manually or automatically)
  • Pressing process according to the chosen principle (see: operating principles of membrane presses)
  • Coating material and workpiece are heated, thus the glue is activated, the thermoplastic film becomes deformable.
  • During the pressing, the coating material adapts to the surface of the workpiece.
  • Adhesive or film harden when cooled, wood material and coating are now connected to each other.
  • The table moves out of the machine after the pressing process, the workpieces are turned over.
  • Possible feeding systems, see: machine table
  • Removing of protruding pieces of film.
  • manually or automatically using a cutting station

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Membranpresse Variopress 3000
Anlagenkonzept für M8
BÜRKLE, 2011
Thermoforming Musterwerkstücke
ORMA, 2011

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