Optimizing panel cutting

Software for the efficient exploitation of the panel on beamsaws. Optimisation software reduce the amount of data entry to a minimum. They ensure automated processes beginning from the data transfer, continuing with the optimization of the panelsizing-process and ending with the data output.

Typical problem: For a certain project, the most efficient selection of panels needs to be determent. Factors, that need to be considered are the measurements of the raw panels, eventually panels which are on stock and which already have been particulary cut. A complex calculation must be made, which also considers the measurements, the amounts and even the directions of the cut (wood grain) of the current project

Software solutions offer the following advantages:

  • reduction of data enty-time
  • graphical display of optimized cutting plans
  • import and export of workpiece-data/processing lists
  • detailled determination of the budget for material and budget control, evaluation of stock values
  • consumption according to a time unit
  • support of labelling
  • determination of the optimum material utilization and machine performance
  • connection to ERP-systems
  • analysis of cutting projects, simulation
  • configuration options for several machine-types
  • setting of priorities (series production/individuall pieces)
  • order processing, inventory management, warehouse (stock) management
  • links to subsequent manufacturing-steps, including CNC-processing (drilling, milling)
  • edge- and laminate calculation
  • requirements for the stacking of workpieces
  • data links to the order-/offer-processing

Available software (range)

Cutting Optimizer from Ardis
Cutty, Maestro Cut from SCM
HPO from Schelling
Opti-Pro from HOLZ-HER
Optiplanning from Selco
Optisave from Giben
Cut Rite from Holzma