Automatic panel storage & retrieval system

Program-controlled stacking lines, mostly in combination with beamsaws or for Nesting CNC processing centres.


Automatic stacking lines are used if high performance combined with very flexible material compositions are required. In a so-called field storage, various panels are stored as needed (quantity, quality) and removed by a program-controlled, automatic storing and outsourcing system, supplied to the machine, removed and re-stored.

The advantages of these systems are the quick and flexible handling even of single panels, the decoupling of cut and material supply, the facility of monitoring a wide range of parts and delivering them precisely to the machines connected to the stacking system. By means of appropriate software, material consumption, material management of residues and the ordering systems can be organized.

Forms of storage

Distinct allocation/ fixed storage

Unmixed material (e.g. anels) are stored and restored at fixed storage allocations. Favourite storage of material of high stock rotation (Starkläufer).

Dynamic allocation/ dynamic storage

Unmixed material storage, yet here - in contrast to fixed storage - the allocations are defined for a material AND for a dynamic material group. By storing the first group in a vacant allocation, this storage place is reserved for this group. Dynamic storage is useful for material often needed which is handled in different quantities, when there is not enough storage capacity to allocate fixed places.

Chaotic allocation/ chaotic storage

For example, different parts are stacked in one allocation. This form requires constant restacking and also a continuously vacant "chaotic" allocation space for interim storage, due to repeated in-out-in. The chaotic storage is space-saving, yet not time-saving, used for rarely needed material Schwachläufer. Smart software can provide coordination of re- and pre-storage and latencies.

Further technical solutions for the loading of production lines, see the entry for the technical term: feeding, pre-stacking table, Stack storage.

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