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Pickup tool changer

Term for certain types of tool changers on CNC-machining centres, which are characterized in that the tools are fixedly bound to specific positions on the machine frame, and that the router head inserts and replaces them from there.

Pickup tool changers are usually found behind the machine, in a linear configuration (linear changer) or at one of the two sides of the machine.

Pickup tool changers are not to be confused with tool pick-up stations, since these have a differing functionality and serve another purpose for the machine.


  • very inexpensive
  • very high capacities possible
  • diameters of the tools are not limited due to the system


  • Because the working spindle has to move to the respective tool changing point, cycle times are extended significantly.

Special versions

Some machines, like the Weinig Conturex, do have an additional CNC-axis, which prepares the tool from the changer during processing and transfers it to a pre-defined changing point. Thus, with correspondingly long processing cycles, no loss of time occurs due to long pathways. For a time, IMA offered machines with a tool changer located in front of the machine, which rode along the X axis. The advantages lay in the comparatively low costs, the easy loading and the same changing times compared to a disc changer that only rode along the X axis. The disadvantage was the deteriorated accessibility of the machine from the front.

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Alternative terms

  • Pickup tool changer
  • Stationary changer
  • Linear changer


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