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PU rollers

Rollers with a polyurethane coating, which are used, for example, as upper pressure rollers in edgebanding machines from HOMAG.

Polyurethane (short PU or PUR) is known as a reliable hot-melt glue (PUR glue) for waterproof edgebanding. For some time now, this material has been used for coating rollers. This is encouraged by the properties of polyurethane, which is said to be flexible, tearproof and resistant to high temperatures. Furthermore, it is favored because of its resistance to solvents such as fat, oil, petrol and lacquer. PU-rollers are mainly used as feed rollers and upper pressure rollers because of their low abrasion and their high resilience during usage. Thus, these rollers are suitable for particularly sensitive surfaces, meaning high-gloss surfaces. In addition to their use as upper pressure rollers, PU-rollers can also be used for conveyor systems, traction drums and drum drives, glue rollers for veneer machines, wide-belt cleaning machines or for laminating.


PU-Rollen an einer Kantenanleimmaschine im Einsatz