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Air cushion table for panel cutting


Usually multiple individual flotation tables on the front side of the machine serve to set down or intermediately store workpieces. The generation of overpressure is realised by fan(s). Ball valves are integrated into the table surface. These release an airflow upon contact (placement of the workpiece) and thereby create the air cushion.

Technical types (selection):

Further developments

  • Selco - is introducing a flotation table with rounded front. This should simplify the rotation of the packages and individual strips, minimise the risk of damage to the underside of the plates and provide the operator with greater freedom of movement (illustration). Machines with this equipment have the letter "L" in their type designation e.g. EB 70 L.
  • HOLZMA flotation tables with load-dependent fans - In order to save energy the manufacturer controls aspects including the volumetric flow of the intake air for the flotation tables - Idea behind this: If no workpiece is in place then the fan is not required to run. If the workpiece requires little air support for handling purposes then it is also possible to generate lower pressure. Technology ecoPlus

Alternative terms

  • Air film table (Format 4)


HPP 510 Luftkissentisch
HOLZMA, 2006
HPP 350 - Der Ventilator für die Luftkissentische ist fest eingebaut.
HOLZMA, 2010