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Cutting height max mm

This criterion refers to the maximum thickness of the workpiece to be processed.

Depending on the type of the sawing machine the cutting height is limited by different factors. It should be noted that the deviation of the sawing tool from the straight line of intersection becomes greater with increasing cutting height.

Band saws

The cutting height is limited by the height-adjustable upper saw blade (h in the figure). The higher the guide is set, the more margin has the saw blade to deviate from the straight line.

Frame saw

The cutting height is limited by the maximum stroke of the sawframe, which is twice as big as the length (r in the figure) of the connecting rod that transfers the power from the flywheel to the saw blade.

Circular saw

The cutting height is approximately 3/5 of the saw blade diameter and is always a bit lower than the saw blade projection. By the use of superimposed sawing spindles the cutting height, cutting accuracy and idle time can be increased at higher workpiece feed (see also double spindle ripsaw).

Optimization cross cut saws

By optimization cross cut saws it is usual for the cutting zone of the saw aggregates to depict a diagram. From this is apparent which maximum cutting height by which workpiece width (cutting width) is possible.


Bandsägemaschine, Schnitthöhe
HEMA, 2009
Schnittdiagramm Modell TR 500