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Spindle configuration

Describes the arrangement of the individual tool spindles on moulders starting from the machine infeed in the feed direction. In the basic version the machines are each equipped with two horizontal and two vertical spindles as follows:

  • 1st spindle - bottom horizontal spindle (referencing spindle) for producing the lower guiding surface, this can be optionally combined with a laterally positioned rabbet milling device (chip rabbet cutter)
  • 2nd spindle - vertical spindle positioned on the right, for producing the reference surface below an angle of 90°
  • 3rd spindle - vertical spindle positioned on the left, for producing the workpiece width (also for moulding) or the left guiding surface for processing with further spindles, optionally as a mobile spindle
  • 4th spindle - top horizontal spindle, for producing the workpiece thickness and for moulding

In the case of machines with more than four spindles it is possible that the arrangement may vary depending on availability in the modular system of the manufacturer, as well as the conditions of use.

  • additional right / left vertical spindles for complicated profiles as tiltable spindles or universal spindles at the machine end
  • additional vertical or horizontal lifting spindles expand the possible applications for rapid modification without tool changes
  • additional horizontal spindles bottom / top for brushing
  • additional spindles as vertical cleaving spindles or glass bead trimsaw expand the possible applications

The abbreviations in the offers of Höchsmann GmbH have the following meanings:

b horizontal spindle below
r vertical spindle right
l vertical spindle left
t horizontal spindle top
uni universal spindle
cle cleaving spindle
gl cutting glazing beads


d dole-horizontal spindle below
p napravo- vertical spindle right
l nalevo - vertical spindle left
n nahore - horizontal spindle top


Spindelanordnung Compact NT
SCM, 2007